Bamboo (1995)

The company`s first  performance.

The dance theater performance tells day-to-day life stories about the tribus Buriti.

Inana The Great Mother (1997)

Inana The Great Mother is based on the ancient Sumerian Smith “ Inana`s Landing” from 3.000 A.C

The show tells the story of the great Goddess Inana in search of son Dumuzi, who was kidnapped and imprisoned by her sister Ereschkigal, the Death Goddess. The story of Inana who, with the strength of her love  descends to hell to save her son from death.

Lampião in the Sky (1998)

Lampião in the Sky is a fun journey through the rich imaginary of the Nordeste* region and is based on true documented  facts, refering to popular parties and using different elements such as huge dolls and live music which evoke cordel literature, popular literary pamphlets from Brazil.

Played for the first time in 1998 in the opening of Sesc Santo Amaro in São Paulo during the project Projeto Mundão regarding Lampião`s 100th birthday celebrations.

*Nordeste: northern region in Brazil, known for its rich and diverse culture, popular music and theater.

Trilogia de Gênios da Música (2007)

Trilogia de Gênios da Música connects classical music to the comic and poetic universe of the clown. On stage, three clowns approach the life and work of three great genius of music: Mozart, Carlos Gomes and Radamés Gnattali, combining music and  theatrical scenes, dance and narration.

All Kinds of People (2008)

All Kinds of People is a series of 12 videoclips which makes us reflect about diversity, social exclusion and social inequality in an opened and poetic way searching to build a more tolerant and even society.

Addressed to children and adolescents, the series are an independent production from INDICA- Instituto dos Direitos da Criança e do Adolescente* in partnership with Os Buriti company. Specific themes are discussed such as: differences in religious choices, social classes, disability, gender, regionalism, and sexual orientations.

*Institute for the Rights of Children and Adolescents


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