BLIMA – Images of the Sacred


Blima – Images of the Sacred  is a theater dance solo from Eliana Carneiro in which dance become a ritual of connections  with the multidimensional every sources mentioned in kabbalistic traditions, in sacred paintings from christian Renaissance, in the six world directions and nature elements.

The performance aims the symbolic  and ritualistic gesture that crosses time and culture to reveal the unknown and the incommunicado. We go back to the origins of dance as a ritual and suggestive of the sacred in meanings for existence and body consciousness.

The body becomes a link of communication-interaction with the divine – with the “ineffable of mysteries” – the door to all altered states of consciousness.

Conception and Acting: Eliana Carneiro 

Songs: Arvo Part, Behnam Manahedjl e Graham Fitkin 

Light Design: Camilo Soudant e Tomate Saraiva 

Photography: Ana Gilioli, Murilo de Paula, Olivier Boels, Débora Amorim, Mila Petrillo, Nilo Santos, Allan Taissuke e Mauro Kury

Eliana Carneiro veste Cristina Cordeiro 

Running Time: 60min

Age Group: +12

Realization: Os Buriti

Year: 2012