Cantos de Encontro


Cantos de Encontro is a original music show for children all ages. It`s the encounter and work of four interpreters who bring in their songs, stories, characters and puppets which engage and delight the whole family.

The compositions approach diverse themes and music styles and favor the use of imagination, the tradition of  telling and listening to stories and the pure fun of singing and dancing. The songs talk about the instruments used in the play, the musicians and their relation to the music. They talk about characters  from distant lands.

From the elements in the songs, the versatile artists dance, manipulate puppets and perform the themes in the songs.

The show has the characteristic of adapting in different spaces. It can be performed out-doors, in squares, parks and alternative spaces and also in the theater.

Technical File

Director: Naira Carneiro

Music Direction: Daniel Pitanga

Costumes: Eliana Carneiro e Naira Carneiro

Cast: Daniel Pitanga, Diogo Vanelli, Marília Carvalho e Naira Carneiro

Songs: The group

Scenery: Marcelo Larrea e Naira Carneiro

Photography: Débora Amorim, Nilo Santos e Pedro Pitanga

Running Time: 50 min

Age Group: +2

Realization: Os Buriti

Year: 2012