The CD “Cantos de Encontro” was released from the namesake performance, made with original songs for children all ages. Recorded in Brasilia between October 2015 and February 2016, the CD shows new arrangements from original compositions and counts with special guests, other musicians from Brasilia.

The intention of the CD and  the performance is to be a product for all family members. The compositions approach different  themes and very diverse music styles. They emphasize the use of imagination and the tradition of storytelling for pure joy of singing and dancing.

Naira Carneiro, Marília Carvalho, Diogo Vanelli e Daniel Pitanga, sign and play the  songs.


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The songs are also available in the main streaming platforms such as Spotify or Deezer.

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1. Chegança (Naira Carneiro)

2. Cantos de Encontro (Naira Carneiro)

3. Balanço do Pandeiro (Andressa Ferreira)

4. Meninice (Marília Carvalho)

5. O Jardim Mágico (Naira Carneiro/Marília Carvalho/Daniel Pitanga)

6. Curió Curi (Daniel Pitanga)

7. A Viola e a Estrela (Naira Carneiro e Daniel Pitanga)

8. Medonho (Marília Carvalho)

9. A Menina e o Djembê (Daniel Pitanga)

10. Embolada da flauta (Marília Carvalho)

11. A peleja do Violão com a Sanfona (Naira Carneiro e Daniel Pitanga)

12. Voar (Naira Carneiro)

13. Lá de onde eu vim (Naira Carneiro)

Technical File

Production, Direction and Music  and Arrangements: Daniel Pitanga

Vocal Preparation: Marcelo Rodolfo

Executive Production: Naira Carneiro

Visual Programming:

Illustrations: Eliana Carneiro e Naira Carneiro

Photography: Diego Bresani

Realization: Os Buriti