Cordas e Contos


Cordas e Contos is a multimedia performance with stories that happen  simultaneously in screen and on the stage. A dialog between theater, music and cinema.

Animation movies and short films are projected on the screen and on the stage takes place a scene that deepens in the mythic and symbolical of the primitive tribes and imaginary beings.  The show talks about multicultural references and travels through our ancestor`s forgotten worlds and also refers to  the cultural mixture which results in beautiful tales which make part of our Brazil.

The costumes are made out of string ropes and the music is played live.The company also uses puppet theater and dance.

Conception, Stories and Direction: Eliana Carneiro

Cast: Eliana Carneiro e Naira Carneiro

Composition and Music Direction: Jorge Brasil

Musicians: Jorge Brasil, André Togni, Carlos Frazão e Daniel Pitanga

Scenography and Costumes: Eliana Carneiro e Mônica Luni

Dolls: Mônica Luni

Technical Direction and Animations: Dalton Camargos

Films (camera and photography): Fernando Santana, Dalton Camargos e André Correa

Roteiros e Direção de Arte: Eliana Carneiro

Animated Cartoon: Gilles Eduar e Eliana Carneiro

Light Design: Camilo Soudant

Photography: Mila Petrillo

Running Time: 60 min

Age Group: +6

Realization: Os Buriti

Year: 2007