The Maharaja Dreamer and Other Stories


The Maharaja Dreamer and Other Stories is composed by 6 stories  which are narrated, dramatized and performed by Eliana Carneiro and Naira Carneiro.

The performance counts with live music and has its references in oral tradition from ancient storytellers.

Another singularity is the presence of mother and daughter, which work in a profound gestual  and vocal alignment. Eliana Carneiro and Naira Carneiro captivate the public with its delicacy and  harmony, diving in different emotional nuances with technical precision, mastering the scene with drama and humor.

O Marajá Sonhador e Outras Histórias has circulated in almost all brazilian states and has algo played in Spain and India.

Technical File

Director, *Stories and Costumes: Eliana Carneiro

Cast:  Eliana Carneiro e Naira Carneiro

Original live soundtrack: Jorge Brasil e André Togni 

Scenography: Eliana Carneiro

Scenography Orientation: Marcelo Larrea

Light Designer: Camilo Soudant

Costume Designer: Eliana Carneiro e Naira Carneiro

Photography: Mauro Kury

Running time: 60 min

Age group: +3

Realization: Os Buriti Teatro e Dança

Year: 2004

* “Vassalissa”: popular Russian tale/ “Cobra Norato”: Brazilian popular tale