The company OS BURITI was created in 1995 and  is dedicated to creating performances for all ages, mixing different artistic medias.

It was founded by the actress and dancer Eliana Carneiro and is composed by her daughter Naira Carneiro and by the musicians Daniel Pitanga, Jorge Brasil, André Togni, Carlos Frazão, Marília Carvalho e Diogo Vanelli.

The company OS BURITI has created 12 original performances and also carries projects and researches in art and education.

The group is based in Brasilia but has performed in many cities in Brazil and internationally, participating in dance, performance and music festivals and meetings in Portugal, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Greece, Paraguay and India.

The work developed by Os Buriti has its core in the movement and gesture. The performances break down the barrier between  theatre and dance as they combine strong rhythmic narratives and physicality. The goal is to arouse the children`s , younger`s and adult`s imagination through original stories based on different popular cultural traditions.

Another peculiarity of the group is the research and development of  unique  sound tracks which are played live during presentations. 

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