The meeting of Artists Educators aims to engage artists and art students with public education in the country while organizing meetings in schools and cultural center and offering shows and workshops to children and teachers.

The goal is to provoke a transformational movement and multiply innovative actions to allow  art education to expand in the country.

The theoretical and practical trades in an immersive shape, aims to straighten bonds between artists, educators and offers a range of art-education activities accorded in reality for interdisciplinary students.

The 1º Artists Educators Meeting was created to run an itinerary route and happened in 4 cities  in urban sprawls in Brasília in the Distrito Federal: Brazlândia, Riacho Fundo I, Recanto das Emas e Samambaia; gathering in a bus  07 groups: Cia Os Buriti (DF), Carroça de Mamulengos (CE/RJ), Cia Lumiato (DF), Parabolé Educação e Cultura (PR), Moitará (RJ), Deborah Dodd (DF) e Arquitetura do Movimento (RJ).  It was a total of 13 artists and 23 art students.

In each city happened talks with the groups and workshops in public schools aiming the applicability of  art education methodology presented.  After the workshops, the Cia Buriti hold a talk in the schools gathering all the participants in this immersion.


This meeting is an unfolding of the Caravana Buriti Arte Educação na Estrada ( Art Education on the Road ) which has been going on since 2010 by the Cia Os Buriti. An itinerary educational project developing and diffusing methodologies in art-education  striving to inspire teachers and  arise the interest of children in art. It also aims to foment creative processes in citizenship practices.


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