KALO – Son of the Wind


Kalo – Son of the Wind tells the story of Suki, a gypsy storyteller who wants to save the memory of her people. Baxt is the luck, a ghost who protects her. Suki and her luck, Baxt, travel together transiting between two worlds: the real and the imaginary, what can be seen and what cannot.

The text Kalo was offered to the Cia Os Buriti by its author, the french Maurice Durozier, one of the oldest actores  performing in Theatre Du Soleil. The author came a long journey following the main gypsy route that starts in India and ends in Spain living among different Gypsy groups. From that experience the text Kalo is born.

The company`s staging interacts with dance, theater and has its own and original soundtrack played live. In partnership with Cia Lumiato, Os Buriti also work with shadow theater as an important stage element.

Technical File

Text: Maurice Durozier

Director and cast: Eliana Carneiro e Naira Carneiro

Composition and live soundtrack execution: Daniel Pitanga, Jorge Brasil e André Togni

Shadows: Guian Larrea

Scenography: Marcelo Larrea

Shadow Theater Assistant: Soledad Garcia e Thiago Bresani

Costumes, Illustrations e and shadow designer: Eliana Carneiro

Light Designer: Camilo Soudant

Sound Designer: Victor Z / Lautaro Wlasenkov

Translation: Gizele Santos

Photography: Debora Amorim e Thiago Sabino

Running Time: 65min

Age Group: +10

Realization: Os Buriti

Year: 2016